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Sectors and Criteria

Lakelet Capital Target Criteria

As investment criteria, Lakelet Capital seeks private companies with annual EBITDA in the $1MM to $10MM range. Smaller targets are considered if other criteria are strong. We look for companies with one or more key differentiators such as a strong product or service offering, quality customers, a dynamic management or employee team, and/or proprietary business processes. Below is a list of our full investment criteria. If you’d like more information on Lakelet Capital please do not hesitate to contact us.

Annual Revenue

$5MM – $100MM


$1MM – $10MM

Types of Transactions

Lakelet Capital invests committed equity to support a variety of transactions.


U.S. and Canada

Source of Funding

Committed capital from a motivated group of capital club members; including family office, high net worth and strategic investors.

Lengthened Industries

Regardless of the industry, Lakelet Capital aligns with companies that share similar values and history. We target profitable, well-run businesses with a path to growth, and place skilled, experienced boots-on-the-ground to implement strategies and processes to help them achieve same. Lakelet’s goal is to provide the resources required to sustainably grow your business. Our network of sector-specific experts lead to best-in-class operations that elevate industry players to industry leaders.

Multi-Sector Success

Lakelet Capital is open to a variety of industries for platform acquisitions and add-ons. Our investment team, alongside Lakelet Strategy, has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of B2B, B2C, consumer goods, manufacturing, technology, software, education, environmental, healthcare and various other sectors. Our experience within specific sectors alongside our deep pool of professional contacts, operating experts and consultants provide Lakelet with the competitive edge when positioning already successful businesses for long-term growth.

Business Services

Fulfillment & Packaging

Consumer Products

Food & Beverage

Digital/Variable Printing

Healthcare & Healthcare IT

Professional Services

Precision Instruments

Energy & Chemical

Manufacturing & Industrial

Medical Products



Financial Services

Logistics & Distribution

Technology & Telecom