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A Fluid Private Equity Model

A lakelet is defined as a small body of water. Bigger than a pond, but smaller than a traditional lake. It’s unique and boutique. It presents an ideal, hospitable environment in which resources blend and flow freely. This makes for a healthy, diverse ecosystem that eventually grows and connects to other bodies of water. Lakelet Capital views capital growth in a similar manner. Instead of acquiring the largest companies, we hone in on specific targets, with mutual ideals, goals and visions. These aren’t the biggest targets, but they present large opportunities—and plenty of room for healthy, steady growth. Before you know it, the modest lakelet has grown double, triple in size. It’s connected to several other entities that may never have been possible without the leadership and resources of Lakelet Capital.

Informed Investment

The type of growth Lakelet fosters comes from a strong understanding of your business’ past, present and future. We leverage this knowledge to provide genuine, transparent and personalized transactions that meet your personal and financial goals. We’re committed to seeing every transaction through and remain involved to ensure that all parties, from investors to employees, are properly positioned for long-term success. That long-term success is a direct result of detailed reporting, fiscal responsibility and strategic growth. And it’s all achieved through collaboration.

Our Thoughtful Approach and Process

Just as important as finding unique investment opportunities is finding unique people to partner with. Lakelet takes a long-term investment approach with thoughtful, strategic growth that adds significant value over time. When we invest in a company, Lakelet puts that capital to work. Our motivated capital places companies in the best positions to succeed. We focus on new product offerings, expansion of client bases and growth of new revenue streams. We respect where you’ve been, the people who’ve played critical roles along the way and your future goals.



Business owners who are ready to transition often contact Lakelet Capital directly. In other cases, intermediaries (such as accountants and wealth advisors) may coordinate an introduction. In every case, we meet people face to face to learn about your business and the people behind it.


Lakelet maintains a certain set of investment criteria. We acquire businesses across several industries in the U.S. and Canada within a range of annual EBITDA and revenue. If your business meets our list of criteria, and you consider Lakelet to be the right partner, we set out on the formal investment process.

Further Exploration

This phase consists of a Confidentiality Agreement as well as further specifics on your business. As we drill deeper, our knowledge of your business, client base, competitive landscape and personnel becomes much clearer. On-site visits, owner benefits reviews and your personal needs lead to a formal statement of intent.

Formal Offer

After further conversation around valuations and structuring, Lakelet issues a Letter of Intent. This formal document details the terms of Lakelet’s proposed acquisition or investment.

Purchase Agreement

We continue our due diligence with a rigorous review of your business. We peel back the layers of accounting and operating practices, dig deeper into the market and leverage Lakelet Strategy to finalize the binding agreement and align on future go-to-market strategies.

Close Investment

With a committed group of investors with elastic capital, Lakelet gets the deal done. We’re experienced in closing acquisitions with minimal disruption to your business, and our well-rounded team of professionals, complemented by our pool of industry-specific operating partners ensure that we all move into the future in lockstep.

The Lakelet Capital team not only understands what it takes to grow a successful business, but they also trust the people who have worked so hard to get that business to a critical point. Lakelet honors the rich history of every entity in their portfolio. It was no different when they approached me regarding Matrix Imaging Solutions. They began by describing the company as a close-knit family that cares about one another as well as their clients. It’s one of the reasons this opportunity was attractive to me. I was given the opportunity to meet privately with employees to better understand what makes the entire organization ‘click’. Only then were we able to begin executing our aggressive, albeit attainable, growth strategy. The investment partnership we have with Lakelet has been the best I have experienced in my career!

John HartwellCEO, Matrix Imaging Solutions and ApisWise

I know Lakelet Capital has the motivation, insight and know-how to see deals through to completion. Any and every opportunity my team receives to partner with Lakelet Capital is an opportunity to successfully grow. With other private equity firms, deals often fall through at the final critical step. With Lakelet Capital, I'm confident in that what they say they're going to deliver, gets delivered.

Senior Executive at a Bank

It was extremely easy to find venture capital and private equity partners, but it wasn’t easy to find one that wasn’t just interested in the best deal for them. We felt like we were swimming in shark-infested waters—until we met Randy Bianchi and the partners at Lakelet Capital. During any deal, there is always doubt about whether or not the person on the other side of the table is really going to do what they say, but from my experience, I can tell you Lakelet has exceeded my expectations on every level. Because of the deal with Lakelet Capital, Matrix has an exceptional future ahead of it.

Dan HareSenior VP of Business Development, ApisWise

With a strong track record of success and compelling reputation, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Lakelet to acquire GenTech. Even before the transaction closed, Lakelet was designing growth strategies and strategic initiatives to put GenTech on the path from legacy to longevity. Lakelet provides the care and attention needed to support each company, while at the same time granting us the autonomy to execute.

Michael LippaCEO, GenTech Scientific

When the former owner of Pro offered to sell the business to me, I was excited but knew I needed a partner for capital and to close the deal. The Lakelet team was recommended to me as a result of their strong reputation and ability to execute. Since closing, the partnership with Lakelet has exceeded my expectations.

Brian VoigtCEO, Pro Transportation

When Lakelet Capital acquired our company we were quickly assured of the investment of time, resources and capital necessary to develop our potential and the roles of our key team members. We started to implement procedures and policies we had never attempted in the past and the culture of the company changed positively without impacting our ability to function as a cohesive enterprise. Under the direction of Lakelet, we developed a strategic business plan, GOSPA plan, a formal organizational chart with clearly defined job descriptions and refined our focus and direction sharper than it had ever been in over 20 years. We have utilized continuing leadership development to grow from within while seeking out the best candidates to fit our growth model. For the first time, we have clear plans for onboarding these candidates and what their roles and responsibilities are. Even though most of our staff has been with Matrix for at least 15 years there is a renewed excitement and commitment to the organization and the vision of our new core principle: Unleashing efficiency through unrivaled business solutions.

Mike CiroccoSenior VP of Operations and Technology, ApisWise

Shared Values

Mutual Fit
  • – Align streams of expertise, expectation and opportunity.
  • – Honor, maintain and lengthen legacies.
  • – Designate experienced operating partners to guide companies through new paths of growth and success.
  • – Leverage a vast pool of high-caliber consultants for invaluable industry insight, experience and expertise.
  • – Proactively practice timely, honest and direct communication.
  • – Empower strong, successful leaders to lead.
  • – Provide sufficient growth capital for continued business success.

New Access to Successful Ventures

Lakelet Capital brings added value to any transition or acquisition thanks to our long-standing partnership with Lakelet Strategy and a vast network of proven business leaders. We have access to high-caliber industry professionals you may not have had access to previously. Lakelet Strategy is a consulting business with a team of experienced advisors that have completed hundreds of mandates over the past few decades. This partnership leads to significant improvements in strategies, operations, revenues and profitability as well as creative plans for future investment success.

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