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Lakelet Capital is a private equity group aligning, guiding and growing successful businesses.

Lakelet Capital is a team focused on respecting, growing and lengthening legacies. Our experienced investment team pinpoints areas of opportunity and growth as we respect the legacy you’ve built as a family business or a closely held private company. We add value to lower middle market companies and leverage a pool of elastic capital and strategic operating partners to smartly and steadily grow your business even more. If you find yourself at a crossroads, Lakelet Capital helps navigate the path of prosperity.

Lengthen Your Legacy with Lakelet

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An Aligned Approach

The Lakelet approach is best described by what we don’t do. We don’t buy companies to financially engineer the business and sell them for a fast return. We acquire companies to help execute growth or transition. Working together, we aim to increase cash flow, minimize risk, deliver exceptional value to our customers, and to create value which enables our ability to distribute excess cash to investors and management. We don’t pretend to be the right buyer for every business. What we pride ourselves on doing, however, is respecting the business you’ve dedicated your life’s work to and elevating it to heights that may have seemed unreachable.

Proven Partners

Our investment team has closed hundreds of deals of varying sizes across multiple sectors. Backed by a committed and motivated group of capital club members, and powered by a leading consulting firm Lakelet Strategy, our team members drive financial and operational results with experienced expertise.

Committed, Flexible Capital

Not only do we have access to funds to see deals through, we have the human resources to construct strategic plans that lead to higher valuations when it comes time to put exit plans to execution. Our investors are highly motivated and our team is highly transparent. By setting clear expectations and defining measurable goals, Lakelet aligns all partners on where to head and how to successfully grow.

Optimal Outcomes

Lakelet Capital delivers proven results. We’re well-positioned for generational transition opportunities and assist family-owned companies as they continue to prosper. By introducing new sales channels and launching new product lines and strategic add-ons, Lakelet expands the legacies of family-owned businesses resulting in enhanced outcomes for stakeholders, leaders and investors.