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Lakelet Capital Community

Who We Are

A lakelet is defined as a small body of water that provides an ideal and hospitable environment for those who need it. Regardless of size, a small body of water can make a big difference especially when connecting to other bodies of water.

Here at Lakelet Capital, we do the same. And together with our portfolio companies, we devote our time and support to helping the local community. Each year we make sure to plan several events where our team becomes actively involved in various activities such as donations, garbage pickup, walking for a cause, and more!

The Cornerstones of Our Community Focus


Family Services

Healthcare Research

Environment & Nature

Portfolio Highlights

Our portfolio companies contribute their unique set of specialities in a range of different industries as they work toward bettering the community we share together. Discover our combined achievements, recognitions, and the power of the Lakelet portfolio for the greater good.

Junior Achievement
Bee Mission
Scientific Research / Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement
Community Cleanup
Female Engineering Scholarship / Lehigh University
Toys for Tots / Park Cleanup
Adoption in Colombia

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