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Partnering for Proven Results
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Lakelet’s key differentiator is its ability to deliver proven results.  Our team has decades of experience in optimizing companies.  Below is a summary of results delivered by Lakelet Advisory Group, which is the same team behind Lakelet Capital. Executing results is the prerequisite for success. A partial listing of our team’s proven results (and the industry) are:

  • Lakelet Capital is powered by the team at Lakelet Advisory Group, a leading consulting firm that has driven success and operational results in over 100+ companies – see below for a partial listing of representative results;
  • Lakelet has an extensive network of strategic and operating partners in a variety of industries – in order to foster growth and navigate any challenges in portfolio companies;
  • Lakelet highly credentialed team also has tremendous financial contacts and experience – critical to evaluating and structuring transactions, building successful growth models, and driving to a future successful liquidity event;
  • The Lakelet team has expansive expertise with focus in the following industries: manufacturing, business services, technology, health care, distribution and consumer goods;
  • Expeditious execution of deals and strategic business plans;
  • Willing to explore turnaround / distressed opportunities;
  • Well positioned for generational transition opportunities and assist family owned companies in continuing to prosper; and
  • Opportunities for selling stockholders to acquire equity in the acquisition vehicle (and continue to participate in the success of the business post-sale).

 Improvements in Revenue, EBITDA, and Working Capital

  • Improved working capital by 23% in 28 days [Technology];
  • Reduced inventory by 28% in 60 days using the A, B and C inventory analysis, generating an immediate cash infusion and savings of $7.7 million [Medical Supply];
  • Increased EBITDA over 31% and reduced debt by 29% within one year [Manufacturing];
  • Led the preparation of strategy, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of an alternative fuel-efficient heating solution throughout the United States and Canada. Within a year, product offerings were extremely profitable and GP% was greater than 40% [Manufacturing];
  •  Increased gross margins by two percentage points within 30 days through mapping out and implementing accountability / responsibilities on the plant floor [Medical Device];
  • Increased labor efficiencies 13% by optimizing production facility layout [Medical Supply];
  • Improved the A/R and A/P accounting productivity 147% through triaging workflow and training [Manufacturing];
  • Generated a savings of $38 million by successfully consolidating IT teams, processes, infrastructure and systems [Manufacturing]; and
  • Involved in nine successful M&A engagements, including seeking the target company, valuations, due diligence, projections and strategy plans [Various].

Tangible Benefits from Technology

  • Generated savings of $7.4 million per annum by reducing administrative and IT costs per employee by 40% [Manufacturing];
  • Saved an additional $4.8 million in five years through maximized productivity and connectivity [Manufacturing -Automotive / Aerospace];
  • Immediate savings of $2 million through renegotiating outsourcing contracts [Manufacturing];
  • Strategic sourcing generated a net savings of 18% ($2.6 million) of administrative and IT expenditures [Medical]; and
  • Implemented current technologies, such as the “thin client” and intranet solutions. As a result, open support issues decreased by 87% [Manufacturing – International].

Business / Process Optimization

  • Prepared economic model and implemented Economic Value Added (Stern Steward's EVA Methodology) in 45 days. Generated +4 day improvement of cash on hand in 60 days [Manufacturing];
  • Saved a recognized $168,000 (at a cost of $48,000) in 120 days by reengineering customer service [Medical];
  • Conducted internal productivity analysis of 18 facilities to develop “best practices” [Manufacturing]; and
  • Reduced time for financial consolidations – with no costs, resulting in a 50% improvement in 90 days [Medical].

Sales / Revenue / Customer Service Enhancements

  • Introduced new product in a competitive software market for service organizations. In 12 months, +500 professional firms on this solution. Introduced a new product in a competitive software market for service organizations. In 12 months, 500+ professional firms were using the solution [Technology];
  • Increased gross margins by four percentage points within three months by strategically adjusting prices. No customers were jeopardized or lost during this exercise [Manufacturing / Distribution];
  • Stabilized and improved a $57 million region. For the last three quarters of the fiscal year, this region outperformed all other regions by +8% [Medical Manufacturing];
  • Increased automated orders by $375 million [Manufacturing – International];
  • Conducted a “post mortem” analysis on all returns and defects, reducing issues by an average of 23% per quarter [Medical Device];
  • Utilizing the “Balanced Scorecard,” designed, implemented, and monitored a sales performance matrix with weekly feedback to a sales force of 32 [Medical Supply];
  • Tripled the number of customers within 18 months from a CRM / client service strategy [Professional Services];
  • Implemented “state-of-the-art” bar coding and automation in facilities to optimize productivity and reduce inventory requirements [Manufacturing]; and
  • Re-engineered the warehouse and transportation facilities. Implemented a standard process and solution for these logistics centers, resulting in an immediate $1.4 million annual savings [Distribution].