Lakelet Capital LLC
Partnering for Proven Results
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Lakelet Capital LLC

Partnering for Proven Results


Acquiring lower to middle market entities to take them to the next level.

Lakelet Capital is a private equity group that acquires companies through control equity investments, as well as makes select minority investments. 

Lakelet Capital's #1 differentiator is Lakelet Advisory Group (LAG) – our affiliated consulting business which has successfully completed over 100 mandates in the past 15+ years leading to substantial improvements in companies’ strategies, operations, revenues and profitability.

We have extensive finance, strategic planning, marketing and operational expertise - both internally and with our operating partners. Lakelet's expertise and connections can help businesses find solutions for their challenges. 




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Buffalo, NY 14202

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Strategic sourcing generated a net savings of 18% of administrative and IT expenditures.             


Reduced inventory by 28% in 60 days using the A, B and C inventory analysis, generating an immediate cash infusion and savings of $7.7 million.                                                                 


Re-engineered the warehouse & transportation facilities. Implemented standard process & solution for these logistics centers, resulting in an immediate savings of 18.5% upon completion of 9-month project.


Tripled the number of customers within 18 months based upon an international service / market strategy. 


Introduced new product in a competitive software market for service organizations. In 12 months, +500 professional firms on this solution.                                                           


Initially unable to provide optimal delivery, quality and automation. Via continuous improvement within the 1st quarter we achieved a 23% improvement, 2nd quarter a 31% improvement. Each improvement percentage dropped to the bottom line.

Business Services

Saved a recognized 21% in efficiencies and customer loyalty by reengineering customer service.


Increased gross margins by 4% points within 3 months by strategically adjusting prices. No customers were jeopardized or lost during this exercise.


Via our international networks, we were able to leverage our network solution to both Canada and the Middle East. This not only allowed the business to increase revenues by 15%; moreover, business was able to leverage our 24/7 support and teams. More revenue with minimal additional costs / overhead. 

Trusted Advisor Relationships 

If you are a trusted advisor (lawyer, accountant, wealth advisor, lender, consultant, etc.) to a business owner, Lakelet warmly welcomes introductions to companies, looks to build ongoing relationships, and will pay a market finder's fee (as appropriate).